The 2-Step truck washing process stands out as one of the most efficient and effective methods for cleaning your fleet. It employs a touchless or brushless technique to tackle stubborn dirt and grime, delivering exceptional results without the need for manual scrubbing or rinsing between steps. Here’s how it works:

The Basics

  1. Application of Step 1: Begin by applying a low pH acidic presoak solution to the vehicle’s surface. Allow it to dwell for 30-60 seconds.

  2. Application of Step 2: Directly apply a high pH alkaline soap over Step 1 and let it dwell for another 30-60 seconds.

  3. Rinsing with Fresh Water: Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with clean, fresh water to remove any remaining residue.

Why Two Steps?

The use of both low pH and high pH solutions is crucial because road film contaminants possess both positive and negative charges. The low pH presoak neutralizes negative charges, effectively targeting oxidation and minerals, while the high pH alkaline soap tackles positive charges, including grease, oils, and carbon-based grime. This dual-action approach ensures comprehensive cleaning while minimizing environmental impact.

Advantages Over 1-Step Washing

While traditional 1-Step touchless methods may superficially clean the fleet, they often leave behind a layer of road film and grime. Moreover, the high-pressure and high-temperature water required for 1-Step washing can potentially damage vehicles and pose environmental risks due to runoff with high pH levels. Continuous use of a 1-Step method without addressing the static bond of road film may lead to increased buildup over time.

Consistency is Key

While 2-Step washing offers remarkable results, it’s essential to maintain a consistent washing schedule for optimal effectiveness. Trucks subjected to infrequent washing or operating in heavily soiled environments may require occasional spot cleaning with brushes to address stubborn buildup. However, for routine cleaning, the 2-Step process remains highly efficient and minimizes the need for manual labor and potential surface damage.

In essence, while 2-Step washing isn’t flawless, it significantly reduces the reliance on manual scrubbing and ensures a thorough and environmentally friendly cleaning solution for your fleet. By incorporating this method into your maintenance routine, you can achieve consistently pristine results and extend the lifespan of your vehicles with ease.